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The crypto-mining business model is largely dependent on energy sources. The price and availability of electricity are two of the most important factors. That is why we have focused on the autonomy of the system. Helios Mining Ltd offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the future of blockchain technology and lays the Foundation for the future of crypto-Mining by developing highly mobile mining modules with low maintenance requirements and offering our community a voice in the selection of locations and coins for mining. Our technology represent Solar Mining Clusters.

Information :
Token Name : HeliosCoin
Token Symbol: HLC
Total Supply: 5000000
Rate: 1 HLC = 0.001 ETH
Pre-ICO Start Date:  1 May 2018
Pre-ICO End Date: 1 June 2018
Pre-ICO Duration :   100% Completed

ICO Start Date: 1 July 2018
ICO End Date: 1 October 2018
Duration :   100% Completed

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